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Non-fiction Features

Village Green: Denmark in Peppermint, Summer 2014

In each of it’s quarterly magazines Peppermint’s VILLAGEGREEN features one town around Australia and showcases the local makers, creators, chefs, vineyards, painters, dressmakers and all things vintage and pre-loved.

Denmark, a four hour drive south of Perth, fits the bill for a VILLAGEGREEN perfectly.


Celebrations: Kim Scott in Australian Authors, Vol. 44 No.4
Celebrations covers the lives and works of exceptional Australian Authors.

This issue takes an intimate look at Kim Scott, Western Australian of the Year 2012 and multi-award winning author. In his interview Kim reveals one of his true passions writing about Aboriginal Australian’s history and why it’s too early to call his work “post-reconciliation”…


Non-fiction Books

Road Trip Around Australia: essential tips for your travel adventure, Collca 2012

Road trips are an intimate way of exploring Australia. Finding information for planning such a journey can be a major roadblock though.

Road trip around Australia contains practical tips helping with your adventure from start to finish. The guide is packed with hands-on information about how to hire or buy a vehicle, recognise a quality car, sort out the paperwork, plan your journey, move with the seasons, stay safe and find secret travel highlights along the way.

The eBook is available on amazon, kobo and iBooks.


Fiction- Short Stories

Dragonflies in Animal EncountersCatchfire Press 2012
From hippos to hump-backed whales, from chooks to crocodiles, from suburban backyards to far-flung places, animals, real and imaginary are everywhere.Animal Encounters is a wondrous collection of short stories and poems: dramatic, happy, sad and contemplative to suit all tastes and moods