Writing: a pain in the you know where…

Only a day or so old and I need to use this platform to share some pain. I mean literally. As any writer knows it takes an incredible amount of diligence to sit down and actually write. Millions of distractions make procrastination feel like useful tasks (hello facebook and twitter) and to some extend they probably are.

Writing Road trip has already occupied me for a month or so, not counting the months before  I spent thinking about the concept and more weeks of sourcing a publisher. Anyway, my daily routine involves lots of sitting and it’s taking its toll: a few weeks ago my back started playing up.

Out of nowhere my lower back was blocked up. Getting out of bed, basic hygiene, putting on clothes all sent a sharp pain up through my spine making me gasp for air. Visits to my chiro and massage therapist have eased the muscle tension. Is it still as good as new? No, but at least I can continue sitting and writing my travel book, ironically prolonging this pain.

Another source of constant irony is the fact that I’m writing about travelling, camping and recapping some of my great memories of exploring outback Australia while I’m sitting in front of my heater, wearing three layers of jumpers and feeling unable to empty the dishwasher. You might say that doesn’t sound so bad (the dishwasher bit), but I tell you, I have found a new appreciation for mobility!