The sad thing about dropping the ball…

…is that it happens not only to me.

By dropping the ball I mean of course blogging, duh.

My proof: I follow over 70 blogs. I do check my blog feed every day. I flick through – on average – ten stories per day and read two or three. Most of the time my feed is filled by perhaps five regular blogs. Five out of my 70.

I recall grandiose ideas and superb posts from fellow bloggers. So, every now and then I click on people’s blogs to see whether my feeder hasn’t picked-up their latest scoop. Only to find that, no, they haven’t sent a peep for a while.

I’m pointing fingers here. Mainly I’m pointing at the mirror.

What I’m trying to say is, I can related to this. Damn, I AM exactly like this! We all start with terrific intentions. The motivation of kicking-off a blog is like a volcano. It bubbles, then bursts, we sign-up to WordPress, we blog profusely for the first twelve to sixteen months. We run out of oomph for one reason or another.

Perhaps we’re stuck with our writing, are stuck with work (presumably one that pays and doesn’t involve fiction). Maybe we get frustrated with the slow rate of building up a readership so we learn more about SEO, email lists, social media connectivity, maybe even migrate our blog over to a “better” platform and then… which doesn’t mean we’re actually writing OR blogging.

For whatever reason, slowly but surely we blog less and less frequently until we notice another three months have passed without even pretending to be working on a blog post.

Is this how it goes for you?

It is for me.

So. I’m picking up a ball: here, catch!