The culprits L5 and L3

Before my physio appointment last week I was contemplating cancelling it. Why? I honestly thought my back was much, much better already so why waste money, right?

Wrong! My physio was slightly speechless and asked “Is this all?” as I was bending backwards. I mean, when I tried bending backwards. Her verdict: “You have absolutely no mobility between L5 and L3”. The culprits are now identified (and yes, I know I’m causing my lumber spine to go all squishy on my discs) and here I was thinking I’m fine…

Now that the lower part of my back is now under her scrutiny so is my sitting habit. I’m following my homework diligently: proper posture (which feels like I’m sticking out my bum yet trying to lower my rib cage, I know, impossible!) and stretching.

Interestingly the homework stretches involve my thighs and, I swear, if they didn’t make my back feel awesome I’d have troubles believing they’d help! Yet, it is absolute proof that all parts in our body are connected.

I’m so glad I didn’t miss my appointment and accept my back pain as “normal”…