Day one: bump-out/bump-in

Last night when I packed my work gear in preparation for my one week writing residency at FAWWA (the other three weeks will follow in September) I felt like I was getting ready for my first day at school – a mixture of happiness, curiosity and uncertainty.

Also, I looked at my two heavy bags thinking Gee, it’s only one week, why on earth do I need that much? So, today when Scott-Patrick packed up after his four-week stint at Mattie Furphy House I completely understood his bump-out would take a bit longer.

Here I am, in this big old house listening out to unfamiliar sounds in anticipation of the owner’s return, but mostly it’s only joggers on their way to Allen Park or the beach.

For the next five days I’m dusting off my novel and plan my second draft, which I’ll tackle in September. I’ll also be available for other writers who can ask me for my advice on their work. Or, if you’re a blogger in need of some blogging tips please pop in!