Time flies when you’re having fun…

…and another week has rushed past. It’s still all about Road trip for me and I WISH I could tell you when it’ll be finally published. Every time I feel it’s close there’s just one more thing to fix up. All I can say for now is it’ll be a few more weeks and the release date is slightly pushed out until November.

In the meantime FAWWA officially opened the Centre for Creative Imagining (aka Mattie Furphy House) which you know all about by now. Crowds of writers, editors, poets and volunteers gathered last Wednesday to celebrate the occasion. It is such a lovely place and definitely worth a visit.

Also, Laurie’s upcoming workshop this Saturday has been postponed, so that may not be a good time to drop in. Check the previous post for updates!

In the meantime I’m already thinking about a book launch part – any thoughts anyone?