Living at Mattie’s

You may remember my first stint at Mattie Furphy house a wee while ago. The time has come for my second stay as part of my emerging writer residency with the Fellowship of Writers WA (FAWWA) hurray!

This is the antipode for last week when I realised what an absolutely painful dimension rejection can have. I’m telling you: I’m over it!

My high started right the next day after said post when I picked up the key to Mattie’s and I couldn’t stop telling Pat and Trisha, the two amazing FAWWA champions, how excited I was am.

Unlike the first week of my residency, where I commuted every day, I now have moved in. It does feel a bit like a holiday – well, with work, but it’s a good change of pace.

Also unlike my first week I now feel like I’ve got sooo much time on my hands. It’s good, it gives me time to think about my novel…

In case you were considering to pop in for the workshop upcoming Sunday, just letting you know the time has changed. It’s now in the afternoon 😉