Hello, your Queen of Procrastination speaking here

Last week on Randling, an Australian game show in which teams compete against each other using the art of words, the interesting German word “Torschlusspanik” was featured.  The word means literally translated “Gate closing panic” and refers to the anxiety of missing an opportunity because of an imminent end (literally and metaphorically).

I’m very familiar with this word – and associated sensation. Although it is day two of my residency and I’ve got two and a half more weeks I’m already panicking about what I haven’t achieved so far, may not achieve until the end and whether my plans are too ambitious to start with.

On top of that I have mastered the art of procrastination. In fact, I’m claiming the title Queen of Procrastination henceforth. See, I managed to sass out where to get the best coffee around here, procured several buckets of said liquid, which involved picturesque walks through sand dunes. On my way I found a Yoga place for which I’ve checked out their website, blog and facebook page.

See my point? It’s such a logical sequence of events, but it’s left me with Torschlusspanik. Now panic isn’t such a good sensation and usually doesn’t lead to any substantial quality of work. However, it has made me put an end to my meandering mind.

Well, not quite. I’m blogging now so I shall stop that too. This is all from your majesty for now. Goodbye.