I do, because I can

Do what? You may wonder. Blogging! You may recall my series of Why the hell am I blogging? So far I’ve captured tow reasons for my hobby:

#1 It’s a useful tool for a writer. My blog is  commitment requiring me to write

#2 There is amazing artistic talent in the blogosphere. It’s wonderful to be a part of it

And here is my third reason, which requires a bit of background. As you may, or may not know, in my day job I work in communications, which I absolutely love. I’ve written interesting pieces of all kinds from newsletters, brochures, media releases to posters and banners (yes, there’s copy to be written for banners) – all of which I’m extremely proud of.

In fact, the other day I put together a portfolio of my work and was pretty chuffed. The folder looked pretty, colourful, busting with great work, it sparkled from all the polishing and editing, conformed to guidelines, branding, sponsorship agreements, specs, specs and more specs. And? And none of it had my name on it. No tagline, byline, credit, nothing.

Then I realised how very precious this place is for me. This is me, people! My place, my rules, my branding! Whatever I feel like creating I can and I do. If I start a series that’s called Why the hell am I blogging I can use swearwords, foul language (although I rarely do) and if I then get sick and tired of referring to my own series I invent a new name, hurray!

Anyway, I’m still keen to hear why you blog. Do tell, please?