Blogging workshop

My head is still steaming after the workshop about blogging today. God only knows how the listeners must feel…

This was the first time I’ve talked about blogging. I mean, to real people in the real world! Wandering in the virtual space and networking with other bloggers is great, but, what a fantastic experience to talk about it to someone face to face.

Slides, ideas, inspiration, different blog approaches, themes and genres were tossed back and forth. I hope everyone got an idea of what a blog is, what’s already created by others and how they can tackle their own – if they choose. A pity the internet was so slow – I’m sorry about that, guys!

At the end I should have thanked everyone for coming, I forgot to do that, so: Thank you for coming!

I also should have thanked Thorsten and Kathrin for their amazing support getting all the gear to Mattie’s and back, setting up, serving cake and cookies and taking photos. THANK YOU!