Thank you, Beks who knits

Beks, I’ve been following blog for a long time now. Okay, it’s been two years, I know, it’s not the world. But in social media terms it’s, like, forever!

I don’t usually comment on your blogs. I reply to your adventures in my thoughts though. Thinking about how I feel about your new pink do and how I love your blog week posts. I always wanted to show you the socks I knitted, because you inspired me to give it a go. I know, I know, you’ve got many talents, but telepathy isn’t one of them. This is why I thought I’d dedicate a post to you. This way I can tell you why I’ve continued to follow you.

Last year when I took a break from all of this here your messages and photos kept tumbling into my inbox (well, feedly feed, but whatever). I absolutely knew nothing about knitting, crocheting, jewellery making, music, footie (cricket?) and colouring ones hair. Somewhere, somehow I found your nook and everything you said, did and wrote about, intrigued me. It has nothing and it has EVERYTHING to do with my world.

There’s our proximity for instance. We live in the same town and every time I see a young women skipping through Perth’s streets who showcases rainbow tinges in her hair I wonder, is it you? I know your face (through your photos) which means I’m certain we haven’t crossed paths yet. Perhaps we will some day?

Then there is your curiosity of trying new things. I love it. Is there any craft you haven’t tried? Gawd! You keep surprising me with what the diversity of your skills and interests. Sometimes I imagine we were friends (I mean, outside of this metaphysical sphere) and you’d show me all of your tools and materials that you safely store in your dedicated craft room.

Okay, this sounds a bit creepy. I have never been to your place, I swear.

What I like most about your blog is that you write about yourself without writing about yourself. Huh? Let me explain. Writing isn’t the point of why you have a blog. It’s about connecting to other people and sharing what you’re working on. That. Exactly THAT is why I love your blog. It is about the creation of objects. It’s the process, the hours of repeating seemingly the same movement again and again until something comes into existence. Through this journey of creation your objects have a meaning beyond their function or decorative quality. They contain a story and YOU, Beks, are telling their story and allowing us to catch a glimpse of yourself while you do so.

See, the key word is story. I’m obsessed with stories, but I’m “only” obsessed with that (well, okay not entirely, but stay with me). Focusing on the stories in my head and how they may, or may not, end up somewhere where others can read them? That makes my blog a self indulgent, egocentric platform. Did I hear you mumble selfish? Yes, perhaps you’re right. Blogging feels like a selfish extravagance and maybe it became the reason why I wasn’t interested in being here?

The void of non-blogging that I created deliberately filled itself seamlessly with other things. It seemed. But not quite, as you can see. I wonder how I could fill this space again and give my creativity free rein.

Oh there! I’ve managed to turn this perfectly nice thank-you note to you into something about myself again. Argh!

Beks, thank you for being such a wonderful, colourful, creative and lovely person. Please know that every time you push that “Publish” button I’ll be having a read.

Also, pink fringe? LOVE it!