Gah: 534 days of no posts

People, if you’d like to see a first class example of writers block please look no further. It’s right here. Yes, this gaping hole between this post and the previous one. Voila!

It’s been 534 days since I posted here and I’m truly sorry if I’ve disappointed you. If you haven’t notice my absence, well, no worries.

The truth is, it wasn’t so much of a block than a decision to not write. And without wanting to make this wee post too profound – I may have discovered that the true essence of writers block really is the conscious or subconscious choice of writing or not writing.

There have been plenty of things I have written since 7 November 2012. Functional stuff, non-fiction, stories of all kinds, which means just not here. There have been new jobs, different clients, new adventures in my life. I’ve also let go of one of my old blog projects and kick-started a new one.

Letting go of an old blog that doesn’t seem to go anywhere and contribute much to your head space was – surprisingly – extremely sad. I thought I’d just turn off the whole thing and be done with it. When it came to flicking the switch I got teary. But, I also learned (and it only took me a year or so) sometimes you have to let go of a project to make room for a new one.

A big theme in 2013 was friendship, which is a bit like a creative project at times: they occupy you, take time to nurture and grow and can enrich and torment you in equal measures. I’ve moved a lot and every time I leave a place I also leave behind people. Distance changes friendships and sometimes these changes aren’t particularly positive. Becoming aware of such a change last year was painful and so, without realising it I crawled into a safe shell not letting anyone in.

Why am I crawling out now? Writing on your own is a solitary business. Without connecting to others and getting the occasional (virtual) pad on the back it’s pretty bleak. So, social media can be a blessing and I’d like to use the positives of it.

What about you? What have you been up to? How does your writers block work out for you?