Fellow Editor in Residence: Janet Blagg

After yesterday’s post about the residencyI realised I should have mentioned the other six writers and two editors who were also fortunate to win this year. It is a record number in FAWWA’s history.

I researched my fellow writers and editors in more detail – some of them I’ve met personally already and am in awe. Literally, I know how awesome they are. Reading more about everyone else I had a bout of severe self-doubt. What am I doing in this illustrious circle of amazing writers and editors? I haven’t published anything yet! Well, that is apart from the other blog, this one you’re reading. Road trip, will only come out in October and the other novel is nowhere near finished.

To show you what I mean I will introduce everyone to you. They appear in no particular order or ranking – let’s start with Janet Blagg.

I’ve met Janet a few months ago; she was running a workshop on self-editing at FAWWA. She is lovely, intelligent and sharp as a needle. When she isn’t an Editor in Residence she runs her own editing business, has more than 25 years of experience under her belt and a list of beautiful award-winning novels to show for:

Titles she edited include: Donna Mazza’s The Albanian (2007), Kate McCaffrey’s Destroying Avalon (2006), Nathan Hobby’s The Fur (2006), Julia Lawrinson’s Obsession (2001), Anna Haebich’s Broken Circles (2000), Michle Drouart’s Into the Wadi (2000), and Christopher Murray’s Whispering of Fish (2000).

I am told depending on her workload she takes her website down – it’s down at the moment so she must be flat out.