Fellow Editor in Residence: Amanda Curtin

Next up in my series of FAWWA’s writers and editors in residence 2012 isAmanda Curtin. Featuring her now is great timing as her workshop and talk are coming up in August so mentioning them is a no-brainer.

First things first. Amanda is a published author and editor. Inherited was published in 2011 and The Sinkings in 2008. There is a nice book review about Amanda’s short-stories in Inherited here.

Amanda also lectures in writing and editing at Edith Cowan University. These are the upcoming workshop and talk I mentioned above.

Editing Workshop: Saturday 11 August, 1:30 -4:30pm
Book Length Project Group with Iris Lavell and Amanda Curtin: Sunday 19 August, 10am – 12:30pm
You can also make an appointment for a manuscript assessment between 6 – 20 August during her residency at FAWWA. Assessments cost $50.